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An interesting obstacle discovered after the partnership was ready to start in Ireland was the discovery that Irish Constitution requires any degree offered by NUIG to be solely awarded by the National University of Ireland. That created problems since NUIG and Regis had planned on awarding a joint degree for the graduate degree in software engineering. The solution was to have the students decide which country he/she wanted the degree from after which the student completed the capstone for that university. Besides the degree being awarded from either NUIG or Regis University, the schools jointly give the students a parchment that describes the joint venture and that the degree is recorded at each school. The University of Ulster did not have such problems since it is located in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. Ulster was authorized to determine its own degree awarding rules and so it was ok to award a joint degree. However, Ulster believed there were other rules that affected how the program could be structured. In both cases outside evaluators needed to be involved at the end of each year to review student progress and pass on whether the students met academic standards. This was something new for Regis University. The rigid rules in Northern Ireland probably also contributed to the conflict that eventually resulted in the program being terminated.


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