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联邦军队使用的产品有了新的市场。北方工厂的生产比以往任何时候都要多。蓬勃发展的工厂意味着银行家和投资者正在盈利。这笔钱支持了新的发明和更好的生产方式。新技术从这一时期开始萌芽。内战还在进行中,马萨诸塞州的赛勒斯·菲尔兹开发了第一个跨大西洋电报电缆。这条电缆于1866年铺设在海底。与此同时,Christopher Sholes发明了打字机。亚历山大贝尔发明了电话,在1876年成功地测试了它。托马斯·爱迪生正在用留声机和电灯泡进行实验。这两项发明在19世纪70年代也被公开。在战争期间,对武器和其他金属制品的需求导致了钢铁产量的增加。原材料充足。现在,金属的开采和提炼成了北方工业的支柱。


There were new markets for products used by the Union Army. Northern factories were producing more than ever before. Booming factories meant that bankers and investors were making profits. This money supported new inventions and better ways to produce goods. New technologies sprouted from this period of growth. While the Civil War was in progress, Cyrus Fields of Massachusetts developed the first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. The cable was laid on the ocean floor in 1866. At this same time, Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter. Alexander Bell developed the telephone, testing it successfully in 1876. Thomas Edison was experimenting with the phonograph and the light bulb. Both these inventions were made public in the 1870s as well. During the war, the need for weapons and other metal products had caused a boost in steel production. Raw materials were plentiful. Now, mining and refining of metals became the backbone of Northern industry.


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