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In the chapter by Edwards (1997), masculinity is seen as being continually reconstructed in association with the consumer culture in men’s magazines. Similarly, Boni (2002) also acknowledges the same in his more recent study of men’s magazines. However, Boni, unlike Edwards, acknowledges that men are not simply passive viewers of magazines, but in reality engage in the information presented. In a discussion of the interpretation of health and body representations of masculinity, Boni notes that men may adopt one of three strategies of responding to the presented masculinity. The first response is the ‘reliance strategy’ in which men rely on the representation of a healthy image for the standard on which to base their own life. Secondly, the ‘reformation strategy’ allows for the modification of the ideal masculinity in order to fit in with a individuals’ abilities. Finally, the ‘rejection strategy’ is adopted by individuals who oppose the masculinity presented. Thus this demonstrates that while men’s magazines continually present and reconstruct masculinities, it is not a one way process, and in fact men interacts with these representations to fit with their own perceptions of masculinity.


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