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学校必须确定,任何形式的欺凌行为都是不可接受的,犯罪者将受到惩罚。通过在学生行为守则中加入网络欺凌,教育工作者和学生签订了一份合同,在该协议中可以施加惩罚。目前,教师和管理人员很难惩罚网络欺凌者,因此将这一定义添加到学生手册中,将会给教育工作者造成暂停或驱逐罪犯的理由(Calhoun & Daniels, 2008)。这传达了这样的信息:这种骚扰是不能容忍的。大多数涉及网络欺凌的政策都是被动的,并没有解释这些行为为什么会发生。学校被鼓励采用公开讨论网络欺凌的危险的程序,以及当他们成为受害者时可以做什么。我们的目标是采取积极的措施,防止网络欺凌事件的发生。为了让学生对网络欺凌采取积极的态度,他们必须接受教育,他们的在线互动会产生真实的生活后果。学校官员可以通过在现有的健康课程中增加网络欺凌,并允许执法官员在集会上谈论网络欺凌的法律影响。让学生了解如何在法律上对付网络欺凌,可能会阻止学生从事网络欺凌(Smith, 2008)。学校还可以实施进一步的计划,讨论批判性思维和恃强凌弱行为的危险。这可能会出现在有嘉宾演讲人的集会上,为目标和欺凌者提供希望的信息。学生将得到有关如何获得帮助的信息以及如何防止这种类型的治疗。


Schools must establish that any type of bullying is unacceptable and perpetrators will be punished. By adding cyberbullying into student codes of conduct, educators and students enter a contractual agreement where penalties can be applied. Currently it is difficult for teachers and administrators to punish cyberbullies so adding this definition to student handbooks will give educators cause for suspending or expelling offenders (Calhoun & Daniels, 2008). This sends the message that this type of harassment will not be tolerated. Most policies involving cyberbullying are reactive and do not address why these behaviors occur. Schools are encouraged to employ programs that openly discuss the dangers of cyberbullying and what targets can do when they become victimized. The goal is to take a proactive step and prevent cyberbullying from ever occurring. In order for students to take a proactive stance on cyberbullying they must be educated that their online interactions have real life consequences. School officials can help by adding cyberbullying to existing curriculum in health classes and allowing law enforcement officials to speak at assemblies about the legal implications of cyberbullying. Informing students on how to deal with cyberbullies in a legal sense will likely deter students from engaging in cyberbullying (Smith, 2008). Schools can also implement further programs that discuss critical thinking and the dangers of bullying behavior. This can come in the form of assemblies with guest speakers that offer a message of hope for targets as well as bullies. Students will be provided with information on how to get help and how to prevent this type of treatment.


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