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那更大的善呢?一个邪恶的行为如果能使世界摆脱苦难,它能被接受吗?暗杀暴君,比如希特勒,如果能拯救数百万在二战中被杀害的人,那还算合理吗?在我看来,即使只有一个人可以得救,这也是合理的,也是值得的。我认为一个不尊重他人生命,仅仅因为种族主义和民族主义思想而杀害数百万人的人,不应该如此幸运地活着。功利主义认为一个行为的道德价值完全取决于它的实用性。即使你杀死了一个想着“更伟大的善”的人,你仍然是一个杀手。这不是说你和他一样坏吗?我不这么认为,如果你为了救一个人而杀了一个人,不管是你的还是别人的,都不会让你变成恶魔。只要任务顺利完成,谁能消灭希特勒真的无关紧要。有些人暗杀不是出于政治或宗教原因。他们可能只是渴望成名的疯子,比如马克·大卫·查普曼(Mark David Chapman)或小约翰·欣克利(John Hinckley Jr.)。马克·大卫·查普曼(Mark David Chapman)是杀害约翰·列侬(John Lennon)的精神病患者。多年来,他一直是披头士的粉丝,尤其是约翰·列侬。约翰·欣克利(John Hinckley Jr.)曾试图暗杀罗纳德·里根(Ronald Reagan),据他说,他这么做是为了给朱迪·福斯特(Jodie Foster)留下深刻印象。他被她迷住了。自从他第一次看电影《出租车司机》以来,它就一直在发展。我认为,如果这两个人永远都不是精神病患者,他们就永远不会做那些事。在我看来,这不是他们的错。人们变得疯狂,他们从来没有意识到他们实际上是痴迷。这也许不是为他们所做的事情辩护,但有助于理解他们的动机可能是什么。


What about the greater good? Could one act of evil be accepted if it rids the world of suffering? Would assassination on tyrant, such as Hitler be justified if it saved millions of people, which have been killed during World War II? In my opinion it would be justified and worth it even if it was only one man that could be saved. I think that someone who doesn’t respect life of other people and kills millions only because of his racist and nationalist thoughts shouldn’t be so lucky to live. Utilitarianism says that the moral worth of an action is determined solely by its usefulness. Even if you kill someone thinking about ‘greater good’, you still are a killer. Doesn’t it mean that you are as bad as he is? I don’t think so, if you kill one man in order to save a life, either yours or someone else’s it doesn’t make you evil. It doesn’t really matter who could care of getting rid of Hitler as long as the job was done successfully. There are individuals who assassinate for reasons other than politics or religion. They may simply be deranged fame hungry individuals, such as Mark David Chapman or John Hinckley Jr. Mark David Chapman was a psychopath who killed John Lennon. He was a fan of The Beatles for years especially John Lennon’s. John Hinckley Jr. was a man who attempted and assassination on Ronald Reagan and according to him, he has done it to impress Jodie Foster. He was obsessed with her. It has developed since he first time watched film called “Taxi Driver”. I think that if those two would be never psychopaths they would never done those things. In my opinion it’s not really their fault. People become crazy and they never realize that they are actually obsessed. It is not maybe a justification to what they’ve done but helps understand what the motives could be.


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