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When I was young, I heard my mother tell the story of bian que. Bian que was a famous doctor in the warring states period and a great medical scientist in Chinese history. In fact, bian que has three brothers, he is the youngest, two brothers are doctors. At that time, king wen of wei was very interested in this situation. He called bian que and asked him, “your three brothers are all famous doctors. Bian que replied, “the eldest brother is the best, the second brother is the second, and I am the worst.” King wen of wei was surprised and asked, “your elder brother is the most famous, your elder brother is the second most famous, and your elder brother is the least famous. Why is the elder brother’s medical skill the best?” Unexpectedly que gives a thought-provoking replied: “I que cure cure to the disease is severe, it is generally see I wear needle bloodletting on meridians, medication on the skin, big surgery operation in the skeletal muscle, save people in crisis, so people thought that my skill, therefore proclaim the national famous; My middle brother cures the disease at the beginning of the disease. It is generally believed that my middle brother can cure the disease well, but he can only treat some minor diseases. However, my elder brother treats the disease before it starts. People don’t know that he has eliminated the cause in advance and prevented the disease before it starts, so they think his medical skills are ordinary. However, in the eyes of medical experts, my elder brother is a real expert in medicine.”


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