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Mia has trouble with English isn’t excuse for copying answers from another student. If she having difficulty to catch up with class than she should talk with instructor, or approach another students, or get help from Teacher Assistant. This is clear case of cheating because Mia copied answers from Mark. Mia could ask for extra time to study for the test, or asked about what kind of questions were going to be on the test so she could focus on studies. If we looking from Mia point of view than she is from another country that she probably don’t know the rules or help are available for her. Stress is not considered justifying circumstance, but failure might be.Example of plagiarism, John is undergraduate subject coordinator on intro to programming. The projects require students to submit code with design, implement, and test and debug programs using C++ language (programming language). John knows that students can get code from internet, friends or buy from websites rather than create own code. So he creates an assignment to reduce the opportunities to copy from internet and not doing their work. It is important to that projects will help to build the basic knowledge of programming. Amy was one of John’s colleagues; she asks if she can test her shared code on john’s student assignments john agrees. John thinks his students did their assignments their own, but Amy’s program find 15% of the students copied code from classmates.


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