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塔克曼和莫内蒂。描述一些老师每天必须处理的困难。教学几乎完全依赖于与他人的互动。老师必须管理好与学生的互动,这样学生才能学到他们应该学的东西。这是困难的,因为人际交往是复杂的,有不同的维度。这些几乎总是必须同时进行管理。例如,教师必须安排、观察、记录、评估和应对大量可能正在做不同事情的学生。此外,教师行为和学生行为往往是相互依赖的。这意味着教师不能在课堂上拖延他们的行动。他们必须迅速思考,以应对所面临的挑战。教育心理学通过向教师提供教与学的理论和原则,为教师应对这些挑战做好了准备。它鼓励教师反思(思考)学习者的需求,并对学习者在实现学习目标时可能面临的问题保持敏感。通过这种方式,教育心理学帮助教师变得更有效率,并提高他们的学习者在课堂上取得成功的机会。心理学家的研究表明,人类的行为非常复杂。例如,尽管像Erik Erikson (insert dates)这样的发展心理学家已经提出,人类发展的许多关键阶段对每个人来说都是相同的,但是这些阶段并不容易定义,也不清楚。


Tuckman and Monetti . describe some of the difficulties that teachers have to deal with on a daily basis. Teaching is a profession that depends almost entirely on interaction with other people. Teachers have to manage this interaction with students so that students learn what they are supposed to learn. This is difficult because interpersonal interactions are complex and have different dimensions. These almost always have to be managed at the same time. For example, teachers have to schedule, observe, record, evaluate, and react to a large number of students who may all be doing different things. Further, teacher behavior and student behavior are often dependent on each other. This means that teachers cannot delay their actions in the classroom. They must think quickly to react to the challenges that they face.Educational psychology prepares teachers for these challenges by providing them with theories and principles about teaching and learning. It encourages teachers to reflect (think) about the needs of their learners and to be sensitive to the issues that learners might be facing in achieving their learning goals. In this way, educational psychology helps teachers become more effective and improves the chances of their learners achieving success in the classroom.Research by psychologists has shown that human behavior is very complex. For example, although developmental psychologists such as Erik Erikson (insert dates) have suggested that there are a number of key stages of human development that are the same for everyone, these stages are not easily or clearly defined.


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