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反射可以用很多方式定义,但它们都产生相同的结果——学习。David Kolb(1984)支持Gibbs(1988)和Jasper(2003)通过开发Kolb循环来定义反射。它以一种简化的方式绘制在下面,但仍然描绘了Kolb的反射概念。这一循环是由从一件作品中获得经验的想法引发的,这一想法经过了激烈的实验,并通过一种新的体验再现出来。反思在这个循环中起着至关重要的作用,因为它通过学习过程再现了这种新的体验。将反思视为一种心理活动,在从经验中学习中起着重要作用。在Kolb循环中,反射被视为观察过程的发展阶段。换句话说,在进行观察的过程中,个体倾向于在认识到学习的概念之前就对一种经验进行反思。在同意这一循环的同时,Moon (1999a)提出了另一种观点,认为虽然反射被视为学习的一个重要方面,但它同时也成为了已经获得的信息的同化的催化剂。她进一步阐述,强调反射形成了一种认知的“管家角色”,反过来创造了一种新的学习体验。


Reflection can be defined in so many ways but they all yield the same outcome – learning. David Kolb (1984) supports Gibbs (1988) and Jasper (2003) definition of reflection through the development of the Kolb cycle. It is drawn below in a simplified manner but still portrays Kolb’s concept of reflection. The cycle is trigged by the idea of having an experience from a piece of work which goes through vigorous experimentation and reproduced through a new experience. Reflection plays a vital role in this cycle as it reproduces this new experience through the process of learning.saw reflection as a psychological activity that has a significant role to play in learning from an experience. In the Kolb cycle, reflection is seen as a developmental stage of the process of observation. In other words through the course of making an observation, an individual tends to reflect on an experience before the notion of learning is realized. While agreeing with this cycle, Moon (1999a) introduced another angle to this phenomenon by suggesting that while reflection is seen as a vital aspect of learning, it also acts as a catalyst for the assimilation of information already acquired. She elaborates further by emphasizing that reflection forms part of a kind of cognitive ‘housekeeping role’ which in turn creates a new learning experience.


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