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As discussed above, government should take some steps to improve the educational system of our country. For example they can start with the increase in the educational budget so they can attract good teachers and can build more schools, colleges and universities. It is very important to make more universities cause there is a lot of students who cannot afford private institutes for their further studies and need government universities to study further but due to small number of government universities some students are forced to leave there studies and they get a job to support their families. The government really needs to update their course and syllabus because it is now out dated and there are a lot of mistakes in books. One of the most annoying thing that they should improve or correct is examination system because exams taken by the government is not really meant to test the grip or concepts of the student it is rather based on the fact that how well the student memorize each and every word that is written in the book. The checking system is also not good as they do not give marks properly as there are so many complaints every year. The teaching style of the teachers is also not so much good as the teaching style of the teacher should be such that it brings out the true talent of the child but here teachers only read the text written in the books not explaining it properly not having different exercises with it which is not good enough.Apart from flaws there are some very good aspects of our educational system too. The most clear thing is that in spite of lack in resources and new technology, our system is not only working but one can assure that it is progressing and getting successful to educate the people of Pakistan. Which is clear by the figures “During 2005-06, literacy rate for all adults of 15 years and above rose to 51.7% & 53.5% during 2007-08 and for young adults (aged 15-24 years) to 67% in 2005-06 & 68% in 2007-08. Both these rates show improvements from their 2001-02 levels, of 43% and 62% respectively.” (Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.


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