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加拿大农民罗伯特·拉蒂默(Robert Latimer)将自己身患残疾的孩子放入自己的卡车中,并将他排出的废气中的一根管子放入驾驶室。拉蒂默完全承认了自己的罪行,并声称,通过杀死她,他将她从因严重的脑瘫而引起的慢性疼痛中解放出来。他的女儿四肢瘫痪,需要做多次手术来维持生活质量。她无法养活自己,尽管有人给她开了止痛药,她还是持续地感到疼痛。尽管她的情况,她能够偶尔微笑和回应一些刺激。今年晚些时候,拉蒂默被判一级谋杀罪。此后一年,他的刑期降至二级谋杀。拉蒂默通过许多不同的审判和上诉程序最终于2008年获释,因为他没有被视为对社会构成威胁。他的案件引发了许多与法律有关的问题,如安乐死、安乐死以及它将如何影响对谋杀的其他强制判决。这个案例本身就引起了哲学家约翰·斯图亚特·密尔关于伤害和自由的争论。他揭示了他的伤害原则,并提请人们注意什么是自由。本文将对密尔关于损害原理的论证进行解释和评价。


Canadian farmer Robert Latimer killed his extremely disabled child by putting her in his truck and running a pipe from his exhaust into the cab. Latimer fully admitted his guilt and claimed that, by killing her, he freed her from her chronic pain due to her severe form of cerebral palsy. His daughter was a full quadriplegic and required numerous surgeries to maintain her quality of life. She could not feed herself and was in constant pain despite painkillers she was given. Despite her condition, she was able to sporadically smile and respond to some stimuli. Later in the year, Latimer was convicted of first-degree murder. A year following this, his sentence was lowered to second-degree murder. Latimer, through many different trials and appeal processes was eventually released in 2008 as he was not deemed a danger to society. His case brought up many questions in regards to the law such as euthanasia, mercy killing and how it would affect other mandatory sentences for murder. The case itself calls to attention an argument made by philosopher John Stuart Mill relating to harm and liberty. He brings to light his harm principle and draws attention as to what liberty should be. In this essay, Mill’s argument for the harm principle will be explained and evaluated.


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