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People often misunderstand the word “sex education” wrong, it does not necessarily mean sexual intercourse. In fact, sexuality is more about self-image, developing your own identity, gender and learning about your choices and boundaries limitation as well as to protecting yourself from any harm. (Collective Evolution, 2016. While protecting our children can have both positive as well as negative site throughout their life however their health and well-being are at forefront. Therefore children who were taught at a young age are aware of birth control and are less likely to avoid teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections then those who were taught at later age are more vulnerable to pregnancy and only a two-fifths are aware of birth control (Marsiglio and Mott, 1986). Not always has sex education be harmful to the child`s development, as a research has shown according to NSPCC, 2016 one of ways to prevent all these negative impact is to start talking to your child at a very young age even in the house. By starting talking while they are still in primary school this will also develop their understanding of sex as well as encourage to ask question. Not only does sex education gives children a better understanding and knowledge about it as well as where babies come from but also helps them to protect themselves from any harm


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