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物理定律不能排除光速超过光速的可能性(马克211)。翘曲驱动器不破坏任何规则。Alcubierre说:“当我们研究狭义相对论时,我们知道没有什么东西能比光速更快。这一事实在广义相对论中仍然成立,尽管在这种情况下,我们必须更精确一些:在广义相对论中,没有任何物体在局部的传播速度能超过光速。“当经纱驱动的问题,科学家们仍然认为这是有可能找到粒子超光速,和一些已经开始挑战爱因斯坦的声称,没有什么可以走得比光快(Padmanabha 8)。当然,这可能违反的法律因果关系,超越光速或因果关系(217年马克),但这并没有阻止人们尝试。然而,一个大物体几乎不可能突破光速障碍。爱因斯坦是第一个向我们证明质量和能量是相互联系的(Jones & Robbins, 88)。所以它只是说一个高速加速的物体必须经历质量的增加。因此,需要大量的能量来保持身体加速(Jones & Robbins, 282)。然而,当物体开始接近光速时,使它加速所需要的能量会不断增加,直到它在光速障碍下变成无穷大(帕森斯,162)。在这种速度下,任何物体都不可能有动力,除非它的质量为零。


The laws of physics do not exempt the possibility of traveling faster than light (Mark 211). The warp drive does not damage any rules. Alcubierre states: “When we study special relativity we learn that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. This fact is still true in general relativity, though in this case one must be somewhat more precise: in general relativity, nothing can travel locally faster than the speed of light.” When warp drives are out of the question, scientists still think it is possible to find particles that travel faster than light, and some have already started challenging Albert Einstein’s claim that nothing can go faster than light (Padmanabha 8). Of course, that faster-than-light travel would probably violate the law of causality, or cause and effect (Mark 217), but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.Nevertheless, it would be nearly impossible for a large object to break through the light speed barrier. Einstein was the first one to show us that mass and energy were interlinked (Jones & Robbins, 88). So it only goes to say that an object that is accelerating at a high speed would have to undergo an increase in mass. Therefore, a large amount of energy would be required to keep the body accelerating (Jones & Robbins, 282). However, as the object would start to approach the speed of light, the energy required to keep it accelerating would keep on growing until it becomes infinite at the light speed barrier (Parsons, 162). At that speed, it would be impossible to power to any object, unless its mass is zero, of course.


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