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民主的独特之处在于它能够减轻不受监管的市场资本主义带来的严酷影响。当竞争市场允许繁荣未经当然创建巨大的财富,但马克思的批判剥削成为有效的垄断和寡头政治春天扼杀竞争,创造一个环境,无产阶级不能受益于他们代表的工作,例如,公司。然而,代议制民主经历了市场周期失控的恐怖,并做出了相应的反应。其中一个最好的例子就是美国大萧条(American Great Depression), 1929年10月股市暴跌引发了经济连锁反应,导致数千万美国人失业和挨饿。无产阶级的集体喧闹和哭了民选政府采取严肃的纠正措施在未来几十年里提供意味着脾气自由市场资本主义固有的周期性的繁荣与萧条,并创建一个社会安全网为穷人和老年人(例如社会保障,保障老年人退休收入)。同样地,在欧洲,自由市场工业主义的祸害曾经蹂躏农村地区的国家,如英国,政府的民主制度逐渐使它们的经济发展成为社会主义的混合经济,市场经济具有相当多的国家控制和福利制度,以确保无产阶级得到很好的照顾。


Democracy is unique in its ability to lessen ameliorate the harsher effects of unregulated market capitalism. When competitive markets are allowed to flourish unchecked, certainly great wealth is created, but Marx’s critiques of exploitation become valid as monopolies and oligarchies spring up to choke off competition and create an environment in which the proletariat fail to benefit from the work they have put in on behalf of, for example, corporations. However, representative democracy has suffered the horrors of untempered market cycles and reacted accordingly. One of the best examples is the American Great Depression, in which a precipitous stock market crash in October 1929 set off an economic chain reaction that left tens of millions of Americans unemployed and in starvation. The collective clamor and cries of the proletariat prompted the elected government to take serious corrective measures over the next few decades to provide for means to temper the inherent boom and bust cycles of free market capitalism, and to create a social safety net for the poor and the elderly (e.g. Social Security, guaranteeing retirement income to senior citizens). Similarly, in Europe, countries where the scourges of free market industrialism once ravaged the countryside, such as England, democratic systems of government have gradually eased their economies into socialist hybrids, market economies with considerable elements of state control and welfare systems to ensure the proletariat are well-cared for.


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