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In the further explanation of his own proposition of benefit related health care objectives when talk about broader view like “health of the nation1”, he counter argues that this favors against the old age because priorities should be given to those who will benefit more, so the young will get more and also in old age benefits are more diminished and that this is morally unjust that smaller benefits of older should be preferred on larger benefits of young. In support of his argument he explains that older can be considered more beyond the benefit because they have paid more taxes in their lives, but contrarily he replied that usually health care systems are social insurance kind of system in which lucky one gets more. He also supports this argument that elders value more to their small improvements while young focus more to different aspects if talk about their benefits in that case the rationale of health care settings as a social insurance setup will be in jeopardy and private entities will be focus more.When we deal with the civic virtues and solidarity or community values than the paradigm of priority setting for health care become difficult up to one model application. There are different references points to be deal at this level like, effectiveness, efficiency, legitimacy and distributive justification. If we change the notion of health of nation to the context of alternative idea of this paper than it will be easier to measure effectiveness as regenerative will be given priority. Economically7, the degenerative phase will consume more and it will justify the social insurance based argument of Alan that any person who pays in his regenerative phase will get in his degenerative part. Politically, there will be marked difference in both the scenarios. For example, instead of spending major share on long term care facility government have to build community rehabilitation services centers which will be utilized by all age groups. There won’t be any much difference of values of benefits of elders and young, though there will be difference in values of benefits but that will be equitable to widen age groups.


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