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After obtaining a master’s degree in Economics, I strongly hope to work in the sphere of economic affairs concerning international economic development. For such a future career, my working experiences play an important role in understanding professionalism. In 2003, I was volunteering for the non-profit organization called People for the Advanced Cambodian Education (PACE) and since September 2005, I worked as a computer lab assistant at XXXX University. After graduating from XXXX University, I started to work for the XXXX Company as a full-time sales associate. The company is one of the imported oriental food and supplies distributors in the United States. Through this job, I truly realized that local business significantly affects the international business and such economic interaction has fundamental influence to the international economy. Moreover, through all my professional experiences, I learned how to cope with problems efficiently with professional manners and how to establish relationships with co-workers as a team. I also acquired leadership skills that I would be required in a real society. Though career opportunities may place me in a variety of professional positions, my final goal is to work at the United Nations. What I expect to learn from graduate school is to obtain academic foundation required for such a career and find a way to apply methods to the real world. This is the incentives that stimulate me to pursue further studying and the motives for my choice of University of XXXX. Economic Developmental Programming at XXXX is a very rare MA degree on the west coast and it suits my needs and professional goals. Since I have taken only a few lectures relevant to the quantitative economics, it is significantly important for me to take mathematical methods in economics as well as economic development in order to apply them to the practical problems of developing countries. I truly believe that a graduate degree in International Relations from XXXX, combined with my own interests and


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