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因此,Web 2.0可能提供了一种将信息处理与日常活动集成在一起的方法。学生和教师之间的社交网络可能比说教式教学更有效地获取语言使用中的隐性知识(Kaliampos & Schmidt, 2014)。类似地,有人提出,使用诸如“第二人生”这样的场景,即每个用户都有一个化身,并与之进行交互,这可以为学生提供一种参与学习过程的方式(Wang & Vasquez, 2012)。然而,在使用这类技术时也存在一些危险,例如在相互交流而不受指责时,错误可能变得更加根深蒂固。然而,使用这种技术的优点是它们可以打破学习的障碍。在许多情况下,课堂学习,特别是语言学习的参与,是由20%的学生主导(Pailly, 2013)。课堂环境可以在一定程度上克服这个问题,通过使用成对工作或更小的小组,给不同的学生一个机会参与(Beatty, 2013)。交互式web技术可以为其他学生提供一个安全的交互环境。


Web 2.0 may thus provide a way in which information processing can be integrated with everyday activities. Social networking between the students and the teacher may allow for the tacit knowledge in language use to be acquired more effectively than might be the case in a didactic teaching situation (Kaliampos & Schmidt, 2014). Likewise, it has been proposed that using situations such as Second Life, where each user is given an avatar with which to interact with each other can provide a way for students to participate in the learning process (Wang & Vásquez, 2012). However, there are also some dangers in the uses of such technology, as in interacting with each other without censure, there is the danger that mistakes may become more deeply ingrained. However, the advantages of using such technology are that they can break down barriers to learning. In many cases, participation in classroom learning, particularly in language learning, is dominated by 20% of students (Pailly, 2013). The classroom environment can overcome this issue to an extent through the use of pair-working or smaller groups that give an opportunity for the different students to take part (Beatty, 2013). Interactive web technology can provide a safe environment for other students to interact.


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