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The aim of this study is to investigate bilingual education in relation to the content and methodology used by teachers when students are learning a foreign language, so after exploring many sources I am going to base my theoretical framework on the use of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The reason I came up with my decision is because I was exploring some teacher methodologies adopted in schools in the past when teaching a second language. Compared with today, in the past teachers basically used to rely on repetition or imaginary situations in their lessons, which had no relation to real life situations, which would serve as a way to gain the knowledge to communicate in another language. Nonetheless, after years of research on teacher training, other ways of teaching and learning have been shown to be more successful, and I can say that studies in language teaching have achieved breakthroughs in the development of a second language. Indeed, CLIL is an example of this process.We are living in a time of advances and innovation in technology, and this often involves changes in the way we do things. Therefore, integration becomes more important today than the fragmented style practised in previous years, so it is a step forward in our present that brings fusion between categories that might have been divided in the past. As a result, CLIL invites us to the confluence between the learning of content and language. It provokes changes in teachers, as they move away from fragmentation when teaching in separate areas of content and language, which was a situation that arose in the old schools. Therefore, since fusion is a fact, in the present and in the future, the information and communication sectors are integrating technologies due to social demand.


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