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The future success of our children is dependent on their ability to read (Scola, 2002). This is the beginning of the pathway that leads to the journey of life. Every aspect of living requires having the ability to read. Even though the development of language is obtained through growth and experience, children acquire much of their language by imitating what they hear from adults. Literacy is an important aspect in developing language and is an avenue to help educators identify and develop strategies in the classroom to help students of all levels learn to read. The purpose of this paper is to introduce our proposed Balanced Literacy Program called, Read Express And Discovery (R.E.A.D.) This program focuses on the elementary grade school levels K-6. In order to ensure that everyone understands the basics, this paper will expound on the meaning of balanced and literacy. We will also discuss the essential components of an effective literacy program, provide examples of specific types of activities and describe our literacy assessment practices. Lastly, we will address how the diverse population in our school system will be served through this program.


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