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教师了解他们的学习者和他们如何学习是非常重要的。如前所述,生活经历各不相同,在教育我们的青年时必须考虑到这一点。理解你的学习者并欣赏他们的差异对他们的成功和老师的成功都是至关重要的。愿意探索这些差异可以让老师对教学实践有一个具体的理解,这对他们的学习者是有好处的。教师应该能够利用各种教学实践来接触他们的学习者,并让他们成功。在学习者目前的理解水平上满足他们的需求,增加他们的知识库是非常重要的。学习者的生活经历对他们的教学理解有积极或消极的影响。Ruby Payne(2001)在谈到多样性时指出,学生的经验和获取资源的能力对学习者的成功起着错综复杂的作用。佩恩指出,情感、心理、精神和物质资源是不同背景的学习者的重要学习资源。歌罗西书3:11(以赛亚书3:11)“在这里没有希腊人,犹太人,受割礼的,未受割礼的,化外人,西古提人,为奴的,自主的;但基督是一切,也是万有。作为教育工作者和不同的学习者,我们应该记住它不是关于我们,而是基督在我们和我们的学生。


It is very important for teachers to know their learners and how they learn. As stated earlier, life experiences varies and that must be taken into account when educating our youth. Understanding your learners and appreciating their differences is crucial to both their success and the success of the teacher. Being willing to explore those differences give the teacher a concrete understanding of instructional practices that would be benefit their learner.Teachers should be able to utilize various instructional practices to reach their learners and allow them to be successful. It is extremely important to meet the learner at their present level of understanding and grow their knowledge base. The learners’ life experiences has an impact on their instructional understanding whether positive or negative.As it relates to diversity, Ruby Payne (2001) noted that students’ experiences and their ability to attain resources plays an intricate part of the learners’ success. Payne noted that emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical resources are vital learners’ of diverse background. Colossians 3:11 (ESV), “Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all, and in all.” As educators with diverse learners, we should remember it is not about us, but Christ in us and in our students.


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