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Service is the act of performing one’s duty or fulfilling a moral obligation to meet the needs of others. Service towards other people with selfless motives is service to God. All human beings have an obligation of serving God by serving others as this is an act of worship to God. By serving others, human beings share the unending love of God. There are several ways in which humans serve others. For instance, people in the armed forces, humanitarian workers and people in the education and medical professions are respected for the services that they provide because they help people who cannot help themselves. In addition to that, human beings serve others through their jobs. Although pay is expected for a service rendered, providing a second-mile service spreads the love of God and makes other not only to appreciate our work but also to emulate the spirit of serving. The challenges of the modern society present the Church’s social teaching with a good opportunity to offer wisdom on how to live a just and honest life. Below is a discussion on how people are serving God and humanity using these themes.


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