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这篇文章将调查父母参与孩子的教育是否对孩子和他们的教育有积极或消极的影响。这将包括观察父母在教育中的参与,以及政府对此的看法,政府如何处理父母的参与,以及为所有相关人员制定了什么样的教育规定。自1997年工党执政以来,父母的参与一直是工党政府的议程之一。新工党“并不缺少回归‘家庭价值观’的呼吁,特别是当犯罪、养育子女和教育问题成为讨论的主题时”(穆尼等人,1999:6)。1997年,当新工党(New Labour)上台时,有人建议为那些在孩子行为、教育方面需要帮助的父母开设育儿课程,并帮助他们在孩子生活的各个方面变得更好、更积极主动。杰克·斯特劳想要“育儿类以同样的方式被接受前出生的课程,通过这些课程将包括义务咨询和指导类的父母正为父母和父母命令由法院接受帮助处理他们的孩子”(穆尼et al,1999:6)。杰克·斯特劳斯的愿望很重要,因为当一个孩子在一个快乐和支持性的家庭环境中,孩子更有可能享受学校教育,在他们的教育中更成功,这会让孩子更快乐。


This essay is going to investigate whether parental involvement within a childs education has a positive or negative impact on the child and their education. This will include looking at the parental involvement within education and how the government feel about it and how the government deal with parental involvement and what educational provisions have been set out for parental involvement for all those concerned.Parental Involvement has been on the Labour Government’s agenda since they came into power in 1997. New Labour “has not been short on appeals to return to ‘family values’, particularly when the issues of crime, parenting and education have been the topic of discussion” (Mooney et al, 1999:6). In 1997, when New Labour came into power, there were suggestions to create parenting classes for those parents who need help with their child’s behaviour, education and also to help themselves become better and more pro active parents within all aspects of their child’s life. Jack Straw wants “parenting classes to be accepted in the same way as ante – natal classes, through such classes will involve compulsory counselling and guidance classes for parents who are struggling as parents and for parents ordered by the courts to receive help dealing with their children” (Mooney et al, 1999:6). Jack Straws wishes are significant because when a child is in a happy and supportive home environment then the child is more likely to enjoy school and be more successful in their education, which will lead to happier children.


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