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Although we are teaching academic writing we cannot discount the cultural context. It invigorates the writing because is connected to the writer’s identity informing the writer’s voice -and yes it can be incorporated in to academic writing. Free writing should allow cultural context to serve as the true and comfortable setting in which second language students could get started in the process of writing a personal essay or research paper.” [5] When people do research and writing they do it in their character and nature and the work cannot be separate from themselves. All people live and work in communities that influence their thinking and actions and so when writing in their true self their work will be more original. When writing from second language and culture, under strict guidelines and limits and the objective of teaching and learning is defeated by just fulfilling the purpose. There is a reason to demystify plagiarism by teaching students those engaging in research and writing about it, and the basic academic law of education is character. There is need for continuous and genuine conversation by all institutions on the standards, punishment, and modes of plagiarism as new method and techniques evolve with technological advancement. Schools and universities need to engage parents and guardians since plagiarism is vice that is academic and moral. The question of self-plagiarism and miss-use of resources, or a typology and its punishment will be there today and as long as there is writing and research. The new trends in plagiarism and its rise is a challenge to all institutions of learning and there is need to teach plagiarism and good academic morals as a mission.


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