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这个最后的因素讨论了整体的在线购物体验,在某种程度上,它涉及到在线购物的整体客户体验。这个因素对于消费者可能访问的在线购物网站是非常特定的,但是这仍然为某些特定的消费者提供了动机,它与在线购物网站的整体体验和对体验的积极满意有关(Elliott & Speck 2005)。具体地说,作者认为以下因素影响了消费者完成在线购物交易的动机:容易使用在线购物网站、产品信息、对品牌和在线购物网站的信任、客户支持和在网站上体验到的娱乐。作者所做的研究的重点不是网上购物,而是对零售网站的态度,而是以在线购物体验为例,分析其对消费者的影响。与本节中引用的其他一些已发表的研究类似,关键的限制是研究中考虑的一组受访者,在本例中,这些受访者是营销专业的本科生。研究结果很有趣,并能很好地预测如果研究扩大到更大样本人群,结果可能是什么。


This final factor discussed touches on the overall online shopping site experience which, in a way, relates to the overall customer experience in online shopping. This factor is quite specific to online shopping sites which consumers may visit but this nevertheless provides a motivation for some specific consumers and it relates to the overall online shopping site experience and having a positive satisfaction to the experience (Elliott & Speck 2005). Specifically, the authors argued that the following factors impacted on the consumer motivation to complete their online shopping transactions: ease of use of online shopping site, product information available, trust in the brand and the online shopping site, customer support, and entertainment experienced while in the site. The focus of the research conducted by the authors was not on online shopping specifically but rather on the attitude towards retail web sites but using the online shopping experience as an example, with an analysis of the resulting impact on the consumers. Similar to some of the other published research cited in this section, the key limitation is the set of respondents considered for the research which, in this case, consisted of undergraduate marketing students. The results are interesting and provide a good preview of what the results could be if the research is expanded to capture a greater sample of the population.


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