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这在某种程度上是由两位教师承认的。他们评论说,ICT可以集成在一个教训,以某些数学专题只。在这种情况下,它是合适的整合信息和通信技术教学时,这个特定的主题。总的来说,这可能意味着教师很清楚的重要性,信息和通信技术。在改变他们的程序教学方法的想法前进是在他们的头脑后面。如果这些教师有机会参加ICT讲习班或培训使用任何数学软件,他们肯定能够转移他们的方式创建基于ICT的课程和自信和舒适地教在不同的教学环境。 总体而言,本研究主要有四个相互关联的主题:学习学习,技术,有意义的研究课程和主题选择,旅行图的转换。可以总结出,学习学习的过程可以帮助改善的教学和学习的主题选择。有意义的研究课程也可以通过合作的教师在设计活动。这当然涉及到学习学习,因为它促进了思想和经验的分享。为了提高信息技术与信息融合的学习能力,教师应面对一系列的专业发展。


This is true to some extent as admitted by the two teachers. They commented that ICT can be integrated in a lesson to certain Mathematics topics only. In this case, it is suitable to integrate ICT when teaching this particular topic. Overall, it could be implied that the teachers are well aware of the importance of ICT. The idea of moving forward in changing their procedural pedagogical approach is in the back of their mind. If these teachers are given chances to participate in ICT workshops or be trained using any Mathematical software, surely they will be able to divert their ways into creating ICT based lessons and teach confidently and comfortably in a different teaching environment.Overall, there are four main interrelated themes in this study and they are: Learning Study, technology, meaningful research lessons and the topic chosen, Conversion of the Travel Graphs. It can be summarised that the process of Learning Study may help out in improving teaching and learning of the topic chosen. Meaningful research lessons may also be accomplished through collaboration of teachers in designing the activities. This of course relates to Learning Study as well since it promotes sharing of ideas and experiences. To improve Learning Study with the integration of ICT, teachers should be exposed to series of professional development.


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