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The accomplishments on the battle field increased Canadian nationalism; one of the battles was the battle of Somme which got Canada a new reputation of being known as storm troopers. War correspondent, Phillip Gibbs said “The Canadians have gained great glory by their attack. Though swept by machine guns, and meeting stubborn defence, they carried a stronghold and captured hundreds of prisoners. The full story of the Canadian victory will thrill the great Dominion like a heroic song. They were careless of death, so they might win”[8] During the battle of the Somme Canadian soldiers got the glorious reputation of being called storm troopers because of their restlessness on the battlefields. Although they were not victorious in defeating the Germans it showed that Canada had some clever tactic such as “over the top”, (which was when armed forces climbed over the trenches and advanced over the enemy) to attempt to defeat the Germans. The effort of the Canadian soldiers during the battle of the Somme showed Canada’s capabilities and potentials in war which enhanced Canadian pride and devotion.


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