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我记得计算机科学是如何。整个程序我都拿到了学位。所以我知道这就是我们对待每个人的方式。我们拖拖拉拉,把一切都留给最后一分钟。我们幸灾乐祸,当我们完成任务快。我们炫耀炫耀。也许学习道德或其他人道主义者可能会使气氛更加开放和友好的。本文还指出,女性可能与男性具有相同的技能,但被赋予较小的角色,因此,它已成为男性主导产业。文章进一步指出,因为它是男性主导的,一切从接口到芯片布局的计算机是面向男性的。这可能会让女性局限于男性创造的系统,而这些系统可能不适合他们。我认为这是一个荒谬的想法。我看不出事物是如何朝向一种性别或另一种性别。如果我说我没有看到男人抱怨他们的烫衣板界面。我会称为一个彼得和性别歧视,但它不一样的说法。有很多事情是由女性设计的,我没有听到男人抱怨,无法理解一个性别设计的东西会对其他人产生负面影响。我确实有一个问题,那就是女人,和男人一样,没有得到同样的工作。这提出了一个教师的职业道德,如果电脑有性别偏见的成长需要,希望平等的机会将创造一个平衡,这种偏见将从此被淘汰。权由Kathy Lehman信息伦理教学对中学生的文章看了很多抄袭的学生。从图书馆员的角度来看这个问题,图书馆应该做什么来补救剽窃的问题。


I remember how computer science was. I went through the whole program and got my degree. So I know this is how we treat everybody. We procrastinate and leave everything to the last-minute. We gloat when we complete assignments fast. We brag and show off. Perhaps studying ethics or other humanitarians may make the atmosphere more open and friendly. This article also points out that women may have the same skills as men but are given lesser roles and because of this it has become a male dominate industry. The article goes further and suggests that because it is male dominated that everything computer from the interface to the chip layout is men oriented. This could leave women confined to systems which men have created and these systems may not be ideally suited to them. I think this is a preposterous idea. I don’t see how something can be oriented towards one gender or another. If I said I don’t see guys complaining about the interface of their ironing boards. I would be called out as a biget and a sexist, but isn’t it the same argument. There are a lot of things that have been designed by females and I don’t hear guys complaining.It’s impossible to fathom how something designed by one gender will have negative effects on the other. I do have a problem with the fact that women, with the same skill set as men, do not get the same jobs. This points out a growing need for the teaching of ethics and if computers do have a gender bias, hopefully equal opportunities will create a balance and this bias will henceforth be eliminated.The article entitled Teaching Information Ethics to High School Students by Kathy Lehman looks at a lot of plagiarism students do. It looks at the problem from a librarian point of view and what a library should do to remedy the problem of plagiarism.


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