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小学教育是有用的在确保人们不文盲,小学教育的质量就决定了他们的智力水平,即使他们是成年人。的作用和价值anotherA初等教育不同的文化。尽管如此,这是至关重要的,因为它被认为是一种风险,支付。获得这种基本知识帮助人们做出明智的决定在今后的生活中他们面临的问题。例如,一个母亲必须有信息的方式保持卫生,防止她的家庭成员之间传播的疾病。此外,人们还可以选择有效的官员出现在他们的政府(Cohen &马林,2010)。最近的一项研究表明,非洲国家曾大幅投资基础教育年前现在推导经济发展从这个投资。此外,这种教育导致了西欧社会和经济发展,因为它使基础教育是强制性的。国家应该针对小学教育优先,因为它支持在其他领域发展,。人口受过良好教育是至关重要的在使国家能够抓住市场机遇,做出口的商品和服务,以及吸引外国投资。此外,当人口教育创新,获得进入自由市场由于竞争成为国家建立的企业.


Elementary education is useful in ensuring that people are not illiterate, the quality of primary education they get determines the level of their intellectual capacity even when they are adults. The role and value of elementary education varies from one culture to another .nonetheless, it is essential since it is regarded as a venture that pays well. Having access to this basic knowledge helps people in making wise decisions regarding issues that they face later in life. For instance, a mother has to have information on ways of maintaining hygiene so as to prevent spread of diseases among her family members. In addition, people are also able to select effective officials to present in their governments (Cohen & Malin, 2010).A recent study indicated that the countries in Africa which had considerably invested in elementary education years ago are now deriving economic development from this investment. Moreover, this education has resulted in social and economic development in Western Europe since it made elementary education to be compulsory. Nations should aim at giving priority to elementary education since it supports development in other sectors, as well. A population that is well educated is essential in enabling countries to grab market opportunities, do exportation of goods and services, as well as attracting of foreign investment. Furthermore, when a population is educated it becomes innovative and gets access to free market due to the competitive enterprises that become established in the state


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