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This individual learning is associated to discovery learning defined by Ausubel (1968)-the content of what is to be learned has first to be discovered by the pupils through some learning activities which Gagne, Ausubel and Bruner lament it enables the changes in behaviour resulting from the learning to be demonstrated in Kyriacou (1997) work and it increases activities towards long term memory. Learning independently promotes creative thinking as Fisher (1995) says “Creativity is needed in learning is that intelligence alone is not sufficient to realise learning potential… Creative or divergent thinking offers the chance to see more in any situation further supports Piaget statement “to understand is to invent”.Individual learning also suggests healthy competition in any conscious mind by Dean (1992) that says “Children will create competition of their own… most likely to work well.” Kyriacou (1997) further states existence of increasing in intrinsic motivation and interest in the task itself and also satisfaction being gained from the task, theory recognised by Gagne, Ausubel and Bruner.


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