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In practice, most emergency education programs concentrate on primary education.[26] International agencies has developed educational packages for emergency situations. UNICEF and UNESCO developed the “School in a Box” which support teachers in providing basic literacy, numeracy and life skills.[27] This package serves as an instant classroom for children in crisis. The container is stuffed with over 1,500 school instruments and supplies that enable 80 children and a teacher to create an instant classroom. These packages can be distributed to teachers and children very quickly. They, however, may lack cultural sensitivity and may not meet the needs of children in particular situations and may have priorities which are not shared by the local communities.[28] A way to mitigate the issue of cultural sensitivity may be to ensure that emergency schools are run by the community itself. They would then be free to accommodate the needs and priorities of the local community in the education of their children. Schools that are run by the community itself has higher chances of being accepted by the community as a whole and thus providing a more effective solution to education in emergencies.The right to education has been defined as the rights to free and compulsory primary or elementary education. In the context of an armed conflict, the provisions under humanitarian law and human rights law should be read together, complementing each other’s provisions. Especially in accordance with the right of education, no apparent contradiction exists. Humanitarian law acts as a lex specialis rule while human rights law acts as the les generalis rule. Situations of armed conflict do not provide an escape for the duty bearers on the responsibilities of affording education. The right to education is to be protected in both international and non-international armed conflicts. The protection of education goes beyond the scope of the territory of conflict parties and extends the responsibility to receiving States where persons from conflict area cross international borders.


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