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欧文传达战争经验的一种方式是让人们意识到战争的真实恐怖隐藏在宣传的后面。他把这个很好的“杜尔塞等礼仪预测”“我的朋友,你不会告诉孩子一些绝望的荣耀热情这么高的热情,老李:杜尔塞等礼仪EST Pro Patria森。”这是欧文诗歌中最难忘的台词。它从拉丁语翻译为:“为国家而死是甜蜜和正确的”。这是一个短语,多次在学校、教堂和家庭和政治界吸引年轻人接受爱国热情和参军。战争的真正性质被掩盖了,他们像“残疾”士兵一样去打仗——年轻、天真、充满梦想,对屠杀和复杂性完全没有准备,“半辈子在激烈的比赛中失败了”。这完全拆散神话,战争是光荣的,年轻人应该死在自己国家的代表。在最后一行的“杜尔塞等礼仪EST”意味着战争是一个超现实的战争的恐怖,噩梦般的诗句,和痛苦。这一首欧文的诗是足以向读者传达的是多么可怕的一战,如何远离战争的现状从理想主义和英雄主义。”“落叶”Margaret Cole说:“我看到棕色树叶从树上掉下来”,她把树叶连接到士兵身上,她把士兵死亡的必然性与树叶从树上掉落的必然性联系起来。这表明,像欧文,玛格丽特认为,宣传是误导,虽然她认为士兵是勇敢的“英勇群众”,她认为他们是勇敢的错误的原因,就像欧文。欧文,再次揭示了谎言,宣传“残疾人”一些鼓舞了他家,但不能作为目标人群的欢呼“欧文是意味着没有人欣赏的主角和他的工作,欧文暗示他被遗忘,他不是英雄,他以为他会和宣传误导他完全。


One way Owen conveys the experience of war is by making people aware that the actual horrors of war were hidden behind propaganda. He conveys this very well in ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ “My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.” This is one of the most memorable lines of Owen’s poetry. It translates from Latin to: “It is sweet and right to die for one’s country”. This was a phrase repeated in schools and churches and homes and political circles to entice young men to embrace patriotic fervour and enlist in the military. The true nature of war was concealed and they went off to war like the soldier in “Disabled” – young, naive, full of dreams and completely unprepared for the carnage and complexity, “half his lifetime lapsed in the hot race”. This completely dismantles the myth that war is glorious and young men should die on their nation’s behalf. The verses before the last lines of ‘Dulce et decorum est’ implies that the war was a surreal war of horror, nightmare, and pain. This single poem of Owen’s is enough to convey to the reader just how terrible WWI was, and how far removed the actuality of battle was from idealism and heroism. ‘The Falling Leaves’ Margaret Cole says “I saw the brown leaves dropping from their tree” by connecting the leaves to the soldiers she is linking the inevitability of the soldiers’ deaths to the inevitability of the leaves falling from the tree. This shows that, like Owen, Margaret believes that the propaganda is misleading and although she thinks the soldiers are brave “gallant multitude” she thinks they are being brave for the wrong reasons, just like Owen. Owen, again, reveals the lies of propaganda in ‘Disabled’ “Some cheered him home, but not as crowds cheer Goal” Owen is implying that no one appreciates the protagonist and his work, Owen implies that he is forgotten and that he is not the hero he thought he would be and the propaganda misled him completely.


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