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小学为孩子提供安全的环境中成长,以及装备他们的动机和技能,使他们能够处理个别情况。此外,孩子在学校,他们在更好的位置能够探索新思路,以及允许他们花更多的时间与他们的同龄人的机会帮助发展他们的个性和个人技能。此外,成功的孩子成长在他们的基础教育成为社会和情绪健康。他们变得渴望追求新的任务和挑战,能源和坚定,孩子拥有。因此,这些孩子们成为更严重的学习成绩和他们在学术发展不断前进。他们不仅在学术界,而且社会因为他们学会同情他人,在这个过程中,他们形成真正的友谊与同龄人的关系(哈蒙&琼斯,2003)。 小学教育促进儿童精细和粗大运动技能的快速发展为他们做许多活动和戏剧。这包括唱的歌曲和说押韵的为孩子提供一个方向感和空间。另一方面,基础教育使孩子提高他们的阅读能力和数学技能。然而,教育的质量取决于学校选择,因此父母和监护人必须寻找质量是一个重要因素。此外,这种教育是一种终生的财富,因为它决定了一个人的未来。它形状一个人到一个有效的社会成员因为在这个层次上获得的知识就像财富的一种形式.


Elementary schools provide children with safe environments to grow in, as well as equipping them with motivation and skills that enable them to handle individual circumstances. Moreover, by children being in school, they are in a better position of being able to explore new ideas, as well as allowing them the chance of spending more time with their peers who help in developing their personality and individual skills. Furthermore, children who successfully grow during their elementary education become socially and emotionally healthy. They become eager to pursue new tasks and challenges with the energy and firmness that children are known to possess. As a result, these children become more serious with their schoolwork and they keep progressing in their academic development. They not only advance in academics, but also socially since they learn to sympathize with others and in the process, they form genuine friendship relations with their peers (Harmon & Jones, 2003).Elementary education promotes rapid development of fine and gross motor skills in children as they do numerous activities and plays. This includes singing of songs and saying of rhymes that provide children with a sense of direction and space. On the other hand, elementary education enables children to enhance their reading abilities and math skills. However, the quality of the education they get depends on the school chosen; therefore parents and guardians have to look for quality which is an important factor. Furthermore, this education is a lifelong treasure since it determines the future that a person will have. It shapes a person into an effective member of the society because the knowledge obtained at this level is like a form of wealth


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