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Muhammad wanted to spread his new religion to others. Because of Muhammad’s insistence of abandoning polytheistic cults, it brought him conflict with other people. Therefore, he had to find a place where people would follow him. He found his supporters in Medina. The people there were ready to listen to his religious message and to regard him as their leader in the community. Even though Muslims were successful at Medina, they felt threatened by the Quraysh. Muhammad and his followers killed forty-nine of the Meccan enemy at the battle of Badr. Because of his great victory, Muhammad was able to gain new followers. After Muhammad’s death, the caliphs continued and followed Muhammad’s footsteps. They conquered more territories. The Byzantine and the Sassanid empires contributed to the quick expansion of the Muslims. Because of being already weakened empires due to fighting each other, the Muslims easily conquered both territories and extended the Islamic rule into more territories. Also, like you mentioned, the Muslims were already experts to warfare. They had no problem defeating the armies that the two empires had.


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