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倾听是最重要的属性集中辅导,如果不是在所有形式的辅导。弗兰克兰et al(1995)解释了关于听力和解释不同类型的听力即积极聆听,聆听感受和过程和听的想法。探索客户的想法、感受和全世界的客户至上的重要性。在英国长大,常识是错误的在公共场合表现任何情绪,正因为如此,听的人是告诉你他们的深刻的思想和感情可以极大地困难。也可以极大地困难表达这些想法和感受,后被告知的一个人的生活如果不是他们所有的生活,你不谈情感和感觉。我发现听了自然的我,这是我一直做的与朋友和家人。然而,通过我的旅行咨询学位我发现我没有积极倾听。我发现很难不给建议就像我,如果我是和家人或朋友。我发现,如果在我的个人生活影响我,它几乎像一个分心和我的听力会变得很差,在失踪的感觉客户的关键的感受,进而影响我的反映能力,因为如果我错过了关键的感情我不能反映他们回客户端。大部分的课程我有作为一个顾问一直很好。我做小姐的事情,因为这是我和我的学习曲线必须犯错误让自己更好的实习顾问和人。


Listening is the most important attribute of person centred counselling, if not in all forms of counselling. Frankland et al (1995) explains about listening and explains the different types of listening i.e. active listening, listening to feelings and process and listening to thoughts. Exploring the client’s thoughts, feelings and the whole world of the client is of upmost importance. As growing up in Britain, common knowledge was that it was wrong to show emotions of any kind in public and because of this, listening to a person who is telling you their deep thoughts and feelings can be greatly difficult. It can also be as greatly difficult expressing these thoughts and feelings, after being told most of a person’s life if not all of their life that you do not talk about emotions and feelings. I have found that listening came natural to me as this is something which I have always done with friends and family. However, through my journey on the counselling degree I found out that I was not actively listening. What I found hard was the not giving advice like I would if I was with family or friends. I found that if something in my personal life was affecting me, it was almost like a distraction and my listening skills would become fairly poor, in the sense of missing the client’s key feelings here and there, which in turn affected my reflecting skills, because if I missed the key feelings I could not reflect them back to the client. Most of the sessions I have had as a counsellor have been pretty good. I do miss things as this is my learning curve and I have to make mistakes to make myself a better trainee counsellor and person.


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