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我还进行了网上搜索引用“管理”。搜索给我各种链接,我可以得到有价值的信息。从维基百科在线百科全书开始,在那里我将能够研究任何与管理相关的主题。搜索还带我到CMI -特许管理学院-它是职业经理人-网站提供新闻在今天的管理,实际支持和建议,管理培训和资格,研究和政策和事件CMI正在规划。通过这个网站,我可以访问CMI库,其中包含了他们对各种管理主题进行的研究。我也发现网站管理今天MT实际上是杂志网站。它包含管理方面的新闻,管理者可能面对的当前问题,如何,大的想法,书评,MT领导,企业责任。这给了我一个很好的看法和了解什么是新的管理世界,我可以订阅MT月刊杂志,这可以是我的信息资源,以及。我还发现PM人管理网站。虽然这个网站是更相关的人力资源及人力资源专业人员-任何好的经理或管理学生应该有劳动法,一个好的知识型人力资源实践,学习与培训开发,绩效管理,都可以在这个网站因此我加入这个网站作为我的研究潜在的有价值的地方。


I have also conducted online search quoting “management”. Search gave me various links where I could get valuable information. Starting with Wikipedia – online encyclopaedia, where I will be able to research any subject related to management and more. Search also brought me to CMI – Chartered Management institute – it is for professional managers – site offers News in today’s management, practical support and advice, Management training and qualifications, research and policy and events which CMI is planning. Through this site I am able to access CMI library which contains research they have conducted on various management subjects. I have also found web site Management today MT which is actually magazine site. It contains news in management, current issues managers could face, How to, Big ideas, book reviews, MT leadership, corporate responsibilities. That gives me a good view and understanding about what is new in management world and I am able to subscribe to MT monthly magazine which can be my resource of information as well. I have also found PM People management website. Even though this site is more related to Human resources and HR professionals – any good manager or student of management should have a good knowledge of employment law, HR practice, learning and training development, Performance management – that all can be found on this website therefore I am adding this site as potentially valuable place of research for my studies.


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