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Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood; it normally begins mostly at age of twelve years and runs through to around age nineteen. Adolescence is a word that originated from the Latin verb adolescere, which can be translated to mean “growing into adulthood.” Although some people might experience it either at an early age or at a later age. During this early stage of adolescence, it is known as puberty. During this period, there are so many discoveries in social life, which helps in handling moral issues. Cognitive is a development process on how one thinks, makes decision, solves problems, and remembers all the way from childhood through adolescence to adulthood (Huitt and Hummel, 1998). This essay will concentrate on the various ways that the adolescent reasons when with friends and when alone, how they relate with their peers and the society in general. It shall also focus on how to assist these young adults overcome some of the setbacks so that they can grow to be reasonable citizens in future.The adolescent age is sometimes also referred to as the teenage. Mostly because it starts and ends during the teen age and ends during later teen age. It is believed that the way the adolescent thinks usual happens in different stages during early adolescence. The way the adolescent thinks moves from concrete operational thought, which means that the individual uses the mental process transform changes from events to objects to formal operational thought, which means that now they can use operation to interfere with thoughts


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