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This is aptly necessary as educational institutions tend to be collateral damage if not the target of parties. In Palestine, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) was established in the year 1994. They developed an education plan for Palestine that had to be converted into an emergency education plan in the year 2000 after the second intifada, to stop any further deterioration in the quality of education and to minimise the impact of the Israeli occupation on children’s schooling.[21] There has been many incidences where instead of protecting educational institutions (as required by humanitarian law), Israeli forces has contributed or initiated an attack. A group of settlers shielded by the Israeli security forces reportedly attacked a Secondary School which resulted in the injury of 12 children. In Gaza in 2015, at least 262 schools were damaged in Israeli air strikes. Three public schools were completely destroyed and at least 23 were severely damaged.Schools were also used as shelters and 83 school buildings of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) were damaged owing to Israeli airstrikes.[23] The right to education in Palestine has been disputed by Israel on the grounds that Palestine has never been a state.[24] The right to education is guaranteed for all persons and is not limited by their circumstances or the nature of the hostilities and is the right of every human being. Even after the transfer of education responsibility to the Palestinian National Authority, Israel as occupier of the territory, continues to bear the responsibility to facilitate children’s rights to education under obligations of international humanitarian law. The construction of the Wall on Occupied Palestinian Territory has become a further hindrance to the education of Palestinians. The view is that a comprehensive and unified Palestinian educational vision and strategy is essential for the progress of Palestinian education, but is rendered more difficult to achieve by the barrier, which in some instances, separates neighbouring villages.[25]


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