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2008年,人力资源研究组织(HumRRO)报道的首次通过率2010级后十年级CAHSEE管理。结果显示,许多子组的通过率很低。黑人和西班牙裔学生通过率分别为52,58%。低收入学生通过率57%,英语学习者所录制的两个传递率最低为29%,所有的残疾学生要求把CAHSEE 20%(p。7)。 账单(2004)研究了人口特征对CAHSEE考试成绩的影响。她的发现关于性别角色是与先前的研究一致。在英语中,女生得分比男生;而在数学,男生都比女生得分更好。关于种族,白人和亚洲学生表现好于黑人和西班牙裔学生。讲英语作为第一语言的学生得分高于英语学习者。她进一步报道,学生参与大学预备课程得分高的CAHSEE比那些没有参加这些课程的学生。此外,她测试运动项目参与的影响,发现这并不是一个CAHSEE性能的重要指标。尽管这项研究确定了相关的测试成果,学术成就和高中完成应该的教育体系的最终目标。


In 2008, the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) reported the initial pass rates for the Class of 2010 after the tenth grade CAHSEE administration. The results revealed that pass rates were low for many subgroups. Black and Hispanic student pass rates were 52 and 58 percent respectively. Low-income students recorded a 57 percent pass rate, and the two lowest pass rates were recorded by English learners at 29 percent and all students with disabilities required to take the CAHSEE at 20 percent (p. 7) Billinger (2004) studied the effect of demographic characteristics on CAHSEE test scores. Her findings regarding gender roles were consistent with prior research. In English, girls scored better than boys; and in math, boys scored better than girls. With respect to ethnicity, White and Asian students performed better than Black and Hispanic students. Students who spoke English as a first language scored higher than English learners. She further reported that students who participate in college preparatory courses scored higher on the CAHSEE than those students who did not take those courses. Additionally, she tested the effects of athletic program participation and found that it was not a significant indicator of CAHSEE performance. Although this study identified the correlates of test achievement, academic achievement and high school completion should be the ultimate goal of an education system.


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