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Aldi的经营理念是专注于不可缺少的投资,避免多余的投资,为客户提供最大可能的节约。鲁道夫等人说:“阿尔迪的成本只增加了采购价格的13%,物流、租赁、管理费用和营销各增加了2%,员工增加了5%。与英国其他竞争对手不同,所有Aldi门店的营业时间都是有限的,最近延长到了12小时(从早上8点到晚上8点)。相比之下,许多其他竞争对手的商店可以24小时、7天、365天购物,这似乎是一个明显的战略意图。在Aldi的任何商店都看不到附加的服务,例如彩票终点站、儿童游戏区、照相亭、厕所、干洗服务、货币兑换、新闻代理、出入境的烟草柜台、单独的客户服务柜台或咖啡店。原因很简单,这些设施都有成本,这些成本加起来就是客户的最终成本(Emsell, 2011)。在一个典型的Aldi商店,你还可以观察到三到七名员工来运行整个商店的功能,这是一个不同于其他超市的战略,有一个高的员工水平,提供高标准的客户服务。公司可以实现较低的工资与销售周转率,这样的人员配备水平可以帮助降低价格。


The business philosophy of Aldi is to focus on indispensable investments and avoid the superfluous in order to give the customers maximum possible savings. According to Rudolph et al , ” Aldi’s cost only add 13% to the procurement price, 2% each for logistics, rental, overheads and marketing plus about 5% for staff.” Instead of extending its opening hours like other competitors in the UK, all Aldi stores function limited opening hours, which recently extended to 12 hours ( from 8am to 8pm). In contrast, many other competitor stores are available for shopping for 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days which seems an apparent strategic intention. One cannot see the add on services at any Aldi store, for example lottery terminals, children’s play area, photo booths, lavatory, dry cleaning services, currency exchanges, news agent, tobacco counters on entry and exit, a separate customer service counter or a coffee shop. The simple reason being that these facilities have its cost which would add up to the end cost to the customer (Emsell, 2011). In a typical Aldi store, one can also observe three to seven employees to run the entire functioning of the store which is a different strategy to other supermarkets which have a high staffing level to provide high standards of customer service. The firm can achieve a low payroll to sales turnover ratio with such staffing level which can help the lower the prices.


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