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Successful criteria for positioning must include the four Cs of positioning such as Clarity in terms of market targeting and differential advantages. The positioning statement above clearly states that Solahart is a pioneer and innovator brand, giving credit to their professionalism and reputation in the product line of solar water heaters (Haig, M 2007). Solahart’s innovation could help households to cut both their utility bills and dependency on gas or electric based heater for hot water.There must be Consistency in conveying the message to consumers, including the positioning statement. Solahart is truly an innovator brand, being the first manufacture of solar water heating. It has also been recognized officially by the Australian Government with Export Dedication and Enterprise Awards. Consumer perception of Solahart’s Credibility is also important. The company’s 55-year experience in supplying thousands of households across 70 has helped build up its brand reputation, where consumers trust the brand in what they are doing.Solahart also has Competitiveness where the company’s differential advantages surpass its competitors. Solahart provides extended warranties to their users and provide excellent after-service to their consumers to insure their buyer policy. To increase competitiveness, Solahart could further develop their line to enhance performance or providing more functions and even enhancing appearance to lead to a new fashion of life style in the industry.


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