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技术不仅仅是提供合作的平台和课程管理系统。它还包括知道什么技术的潜在市场有机会,在国家和地区的国家,互联网接入的成本,甚至时区的问题,影响利用带宽。拉丁美洲美国长期以来一直使用卫星传输和无线电传输证书/文凭课程,因为这些技术已经可用。切换到互联网传输教育计划是一种新的方式做到这一点,和潜在的学生需要有访问的技术。他们需要这样做。 一个从阿尔斯特合作得到的教训是:市场研究显示,在欧洲北部的学生已经准备好进入互联网和技术访问它。同时,在欧洲南部的另一个去的可能性较小的是,潜在的学生将访问互联网,要么是因为没有兴趣或因为没有现成的访问。对于合伙Iteso问题是一旦超越了服务区域将Iteso,潜在的学生有参与的技术和访问。在某些情况下,这可能需要雇主的承诺,通过企业网络提供访问。


Technology is not just the platform and course management system to be used in offering the collaboration. It also includes knowing what technology the potential market has access to, the band width in the countries and sub-regions of countries, costs of access to the internet, and even time zone issues that affect utilization. Latin America has long used satellite transmission and radio transmission for certificate/diploma programs since these technologies have been available. Switching to the internet to transmit educational programs is a new way of doing this, and the potential students need to have access to the technology. And they need to want to do so. One of the lessons obtained from the Ulster collaboration was that the marketing study showed that students in northern Europe had ready access to the internet and to the technology to access it. At the same time the further south in Europe one went the less likely it was that potential students would access the internet either because of no interest or because there was not ready access. A question for the partnership with ITESO is that once it expands beyond the regional area served by ITESO, will potential students have the technology and access to participate. In some cases this may require a commitment from the person’s employer to provide access through the corporate network.


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