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The instrument utilized in this study was the Learning Style Preferences Questionnaire adapted from Willing (1988). The four-point Likert scale questionnaire consisted of 45 items on “How do you learn best”; ranged from 1: Strongly Disagree to 4: Strongly Agree. It was piloted prior to the actual data collection and the reliability Cronbach’s Alpha was 0.844. The questionnaire consisted of four categories (Communicative, Concrete, Authority-Oriented, and Analytical learners). A list of twenty four items out of forty five items related to these four types were chosen and modified based on the Iranian EFL freshman university students’ learning. Items one to six represented learners who liked to learn through watching and or listening to native speakers, talking to friends in English and watching television in English, and learn through conversations (Communicative Learners). Items seven to twelve represented learners who liked to learn through games, films, cassettes, talking in pairs, and using English outside of the classroom (Concrete Learners). Items thirteen to eighteen represented learners who preferred their teachers to explain everything to them, have their own textbooks, study grammar, learn by reading, and learn new words by seeing the words (Authority-Oriented Learners). Items nineteen to twenty four represented learners who liked studying the rules of grammar, studying English books, reading newspapers, studying by themselves, finding their own mistakes, and working on problems set by the teacher (Analytical Learners).


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