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当男人看裸体女人的视频或看到裸体女人的照片,他们结晶这些图像,自动增加他们对性的冲动。在这种时候,他们愿意做任何事情来满足他们的性欲。这是其中一个原因为什么有些男性性侵犯他们的妻子或女朋友。当有些人看到强奸涉及色情,他们倾向于认为这是正常的,他们可以做的事,。色情可以影响一个人想要强奸。一个年轻人一旦承认,他开始开发后强奸幻想看色情电影。用他的话说,“我去了一个色情书店,把四分之一的位置,看到这色情的电影。这是一个男人从背后一个女孩和攻击她,强奸她。这是当我开始强奸幻想。当我看过那部电影,就像有人从我的童年点燃了导火索。我只是去,出去强奸”(Allison和Wrightsman 1993:37)。这个人的账户表明色情可能导致强奸、电池和其他形式的针对妇女的暴力行为。


When men watch videos of naked women or see pictures of naked women, they crystallize those images, and that automatically increase their urge for sex. At such times, they will be willing to do anything to satisfy their sexual desire. That is one of the reasons why some men sexually assault their wife or girl friend. When some men see the rape involved in pornography, they tend to see it as normal and something they can do and get away with. Pornography can thus influence a man to want to rape. A young man once confessed that he began to develop rape fantasies after watching a porn movie. In his words, “I went to a porno book store, put a quarter in the slot, and saw this porn movie. It was a guy coming up from behind a girl and attacking her and raping her. That’s when I started having rape fantasies. When I seen that movie, it was like somebody lit a fuse from my childhood on up………….I just went for it, went out and raped” (Allison &Wrightsman, 1993:37). The account of this man indicates that pornography could lead to rape, battery and other forms of violence against women.


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