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在主流课程中,私人辅导也影响着教学和学习的动态。例如,主流教师不需要努力学习,因为每个学生都会收到学费。此外,这也加大了快速(通常是那些接受学费的学生)和慢速学习者之间的差距。在主流教师是私人教师的情况下,那些不接受教育的人可能会发现自己落后了。这使得家长们不管他们的经济状况或信仰如何,都要投资于家教(Bray, 2003)。根据Yasmeen的“依赖文化”,大多数学生倾向于明确地依赖私人教师。这包括对作业的依赖,甚至是考试技巧。侯赛因指出,辅导导致学生对主流课程失去兴趣。学生们甚至认为私人教师更好,因为他们是付费的。所以他们只有在学校规定的情况下才能上学。侯赛因还报告说,在学期结束前的两个月里,缺席者的比率上升了,在这期间,孩子们在早上呆在家里,晚上会去上学。这会削弱主流体系。


Private tutoring also affects the dynamics of teaching and learning in the mainstream curriculum. For instance, mainstream teachers are not required to work hard because every pupil receives tuitions. Moreover, this enlarges the gap in the classroom between quick (generally those taking tuitions) and slow learners. In cases where the mainstream teacher is the private tutor as well, those not receiving tuitions may find themselves lagging behind. This pressurizes parents to invest in tutoring regardless of their financial status or their beliefs (Bray, 2003).According to Yasmeen’s ‘culture of dependency’, most students tend to rely explicitly on private tutors. This includes dependence on homework and even exam tips. Hussein points out that tutoring has caused students to lose interest in mainstream classes. Students have even reached the point of thinking that private tutors are better, since they are paid. So they attend school only when stipulated by school regulations. Hussein also report that the rate of absentees has risen, more particularly two months before the end of the semester, during which the child stays at home in the morning and attend tuitions in the evening. This can weaken the mainstream system


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