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An example of a program that probably failed because the relationship was not adequately developed before trying to implement a program was the joint MS degree in International Management between Regis University and the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. Here the decision to move forward was made very quickly by the top administrators in each school. No time was allowed for the faculty of each university to get to know each other and work together before planning. This resulted in miscommunications about curriculum, policies, culture in each country and the schools themselves, as well as other administrative issues. When the numbers of students did not materialize in the beginning, it was easy to simply terminate the agreement.Relationship building in any business venture is vital to the success of the venture. In higher education it may be even more important since the success of the joint venture or collaboration depends on people entirely. The strength of the Regis-NUIG relationship is a personal one between a couple of individuals at each institution that has led to other personal relationships between faculty and staff at each school. While there is a common language, there are still differences in culture and framework. ITESO is a Jesuit university as is Regis University so there was an existing bond, yet it was the development of the personal relationships between faculty and staff at both schools that ensured a successful partnership.


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