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首先,林肯国内市场和国际市场的法律环境对人力资源战略产生了重要影响。关于计件工作制度的合法性、休假要求和工作时间限制的规定迫使林肯在第3.1章阐明的所有领域适应人力资源实践。在美国更多的性能驱动和企业人力资源的方法是可能的而规定在欧洲,亚洲和拉丁美洲的美国强迫林肯坚持适应当地的人力资源实践(加鲁尼克BJörkman & 2003)。其次,Lincoln对文化多样性的行动再次创造在西欧和中国市场业绩的推动措施出台障碍的影响。而在美国传统上层次低,员工观念生成普遍,中国文化更具颠覆性,批判观念产生的做法也会失败(朱2005)。同样,不同文化的雇用和培训做法也不同:美国和欧洲允许在征聘和培训中应用最佳做法。在亚洲,林肯需要调整环境,进行人际关系导向的招聘和深入的技能开发(华纳2005)。第三,发达市场和发展中市场的不同市场成熟度和行业生命周期影响着林肯的人力资源方法,在招聘、培训和劳动力参与方面存在差异。


Firstly, the legal environment both in Lincoln’s domestic market and international markets significantly influences the HR strategy. Regulations regarding the legality of piece-work systems, vacation requirements and working hour limitations force Lincoln to adapt HR practices in all fields elucidated in chapter 3.1. In the U.S. more performance driven and entrepreneurial HR approaches are possible whereas regulations in Europe, Asia and Latin America force Lincoln to adhere to adapt local HR practices (Björkman & Galunic 2003). Secondly, Lincoln is affected by the cultural diversity of its operations again creating barriers for the introduction of performance driven measures in markets like Western-Europe and China. Whereas in the U.S. traditionally hierarchy is low and employee idea generation is common, Chinese culture is more subversive and critical idea generation practices will fail (Zhu 2005). Similarly hiring and training practices are different across cultures: The U.S. and Europe allow for the application of best practices in recruitment and training. In Asia Lincoln needs to align to the environment of conducting rather relationship oriented hiring and in-depth skill development (Warner 2005). Thirdly, different market maturity and industry-life-cycles between developed and developing markets affect Lincoln’s HR approaches with differences in hiring, training and workforce participation.


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