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Mathematical learning now comes at an earlier age. Preschoolers surprisingly manifest basic mathematical knowledge even before they start school. This realization that young children can already “do” Math has encouraged professional organizations such as NAEYC and NCTM have come up with guidelines that Math teachers should consult and comply to in their teaching of mathematical concepts and skills.Teachers of young children have the power to influence their preschool students. Teachers should basically possess adequate knowledge and skills as well as appropriate beliefs if quality teaching is to be expected. The work of Platas (2008) entitled “”Measuring Teachers’ Knowledge of Early Mathematical Development and their Beliefs about Mathematics Teaching and Learning in the Preschool Classroom” has been a monumental inspiration for this current study. However, this study goes beyond exploring teachers’ knowledge development and beliefs about Math by comparing knowledge development and beliefs of in-service preschool teachers and pre-service preschool teachers. It is presumed that the element of experience will play a significant role in either strengthening or modifying teachers’ knowledge and beliefs about Math in early childhood education.


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