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Students should have an initial and diagnostic assessment to identify learning support needs. This may be an on-line assessment and/or a written English test. An example would be the course tutor dictates relevant paragraph or so from course notes to the group, this is marked and graded for accuracy, spelling, and layout neatness. This exercise would be timed as slow or fast transcripts could indicate learning difficulties or physical disabilities, including hearing or sight problems, with the result the tutor would adjust teaching materials and assignments. There may be a need for staff development to train a tutor in assessing learning difficulties such as dyslexia.Student orientation develops confidence, so the group would visit key areas of the college: – The Learning Resource Centre, library staff would explain procedures, ‘How to Log-on to the college network’, use and borrowing of books and reference materials (DVDs) Student Services, an explanation of the services available, eg. ‘Counselling’ Learning Support etc. Finance offices, payment of course and examination fees, issuing receipts etc. Offices of Registry, Course Manager and Director’, Canteen etc. Base or general classrooms occupied during the course.Course information such as course and tutorial timetables, assignment schedules, along with pastoral information such as absence procedures, health & safety – fire egress procedures and first aid.


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