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According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (2012), the unemployment rate of ACT was 3.4%, and down from 4% in the previous year whereas lower than 5.2% of the national rate in 2012. Moreover, the average weekly earnings of Canberra are steadily increased up to 1,554.5 while the average rate in this state was 1,333.5 in the last year (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012). Those data would indicate that the people in ACT have surplus on it budget to afford pet services. In the Australia, people are most enjoyed in spending substantial amount of money on pet care as they treated pets like their family members. Since there is a stronger signal in Canberra economy, the survival possibility for new business like pet service will be feasible. Referred to the evaluation of Headey (cited in Australian Companion Animal Council n.d.), the annual contribution of pet industry is around $4.74 Billion which becomes one of the largest industries in Australia. Overall, the mobile pet grooming industry is a fast growing industry that has great opportunity to expand in its best interest.


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