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In the following text will be announcement about art and how it influences in develop of creativity and intelligence in the kids. The human being always has been in contact with the art since we were born for that reason art has a huge impact in us. Each people born with innate ability of create but with the pass of the years this has lost. When we incorporate art in academic develop the students have a best interpersonal relationship and also their brain development is better. In addition the implementation of art in the schools have been increasing obtaining excellent results to academic level and also there is a new technical for better our education system across of games. This technical is called “ludic learning” that is based in games of this forms the students can learning better are be more outgoing also put more attention in their classes because they are not stressful nor boring. There they develop their creativity and imagination. For this reason, art is fundamental for growth intellectual in the kids.Since every human being had born with an innate ability of imagination and create. For that reason art, music, even sports always they were with us. The obsolete education system leaves aside our innate ability of relationship and its focus on the critical and rational thing. Subjects like mathematics, chemistry and physics have greater relevance than art, music and sports but this will change. All the people around the world are completely different is for this reason we need different form of teach because each people learn of different way. Art is a fundamental tool for better in the intellectual growth of the children.


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